Technology vs. Who Reign Supreme?

Usually, online businesses need to register multiple accounts on various platforms. And this is where the struggles embody. Platforms and websites fight with bots. They also want to protect their users. That is why they request each account to be registered from a new phone directory. They send a special unique verification code to the phone directory that was specified during the registration.

Due to this ordinary people use different SIM cards. However, professionals know how to reach their goals in a more comfortable and quicker manner. They use online SIMs. Such accommodations work as regular SIMs but through the World Wide Web.

You need to register on the company’s site and replenish your balance if the service is paid. Yes, free services exist and there are plenty of them. Among the other useful information, this article will help you to understand the pitfalls peculiar for free services. The process of account creation is easy.

  • Having registered and refilled your balance you need to choose the country and phone directory.
  • After this, choose the platform you will be using the number with.
  • Copy your new number into the corresponding field during registration on the platform.
  • Receive the SMS code online in your private cabinet.
  • Copy the verification code into the special field on the platform.

You can obtain as many numbers and receive as many authentication messages as you need.

Advantages of accommodation has over 200 directories from more than 30 lands. You do not have to register on their site. You can receive verification codes free of charge.

Advantages of OnlineSIM

This provider owns more than 10000 directories from over 30 lands. You can buy short-term directories and directories for rent. Besides, you can try OnlineSIM services for free.

Pitfalls of the Free Service

It is not possible to use phone directories for long term. This is crucial because if, for example, your account gets blocked for some reason, you will be able to renew it with the help of the directory you have specified during registration.

The reliability is in question and sometimes you might have to repeat the whole registration process (if the SMS code has not come).

The safety level of free services and is lower than OnlineSIM’s.

If you are looking for a virtual number for SMS, pay your attention at OnlineSIM. The safety level is high. The authentication messages come in quickly. You can buy one-time numbs and numbers for rent.

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