Simple Solutions for Software Errors That Slows Down Your PC

Simple Solutions for Software Errors That Slows Down Your PC

Quick speed and computer are synonymous. Computer technology has made life simple and easy, especially in an era where time is money. Sometimes, people experience laptops slowing down and lagging. A simple task makes you feel irritated and stressed because of the slow computer loading speed.

Professional computer repair companies can offer fixes for PC or laptops. They may even have a blog, where people can search for ‘how to speed up my computer. Blue Screen is a death error of a window system, which will need professional help. The OS of your computer is designed to manage every resource and program that runs on the device at the same time. A system error can decline the workflow making the PC perform slowly.

Insufficient disk drive & RAM space

RAM is temporary storage that determines how many apps & services can be administered on the device. Better RAM means better PC speed and efficient operating. Disk drive space [DDS] is the maximum storage space of the PC. Full RAM means less work efficiency, so it depends on disk drive space to persist the operations. In reality, DDS has less speed than RAM. It hampers time efficiency and slows the PC.

Solution –

Add physical RAM or clean needless apps and files, empty recycle bin, and tidy cache files & history.

Virus & Malware

Bad codes are designed to damage your computer. Virus steals users’ confidential details. It manipulates keyboards, deletes programs, and disrupts system performance. It consumes lots of resources and slows the device.

Solution –

A reliable antivirus program helps to scan computers frequently. Windows Task manager helps to identify the program that uses maximum RAM, which you can remove. Ensure to have OS updated constantly to patch the vulnerabilities that dampen PC speed.

Multiple start-ups and background programs

Computers are capable to run several programs at the same time. If the PC takes very long to start then it is a telltale sign that something is not right and can make your PC crash. When many programs are added to the start-up folder, the PC cannot handle them methodically.

Solution –

Disable the start-up programs that slow the computer’s booting process.

Outdated OS

If the computer is old and outdated then it will never support advanced software updates. The latest computer devices are quick because they are compatible with current upcoming automation. Being old is one reason your computer is slow. If your latest computer is slow then the OS is outdated. OS is an interface and is liable to interact and handle tasks that run on the PC.

Solution –

 If the computer is too old then invest in a new one. If it is new then keep its OS updated because new software versions are always released with enhanced bug fixation and flows.

Overheating CPU

Control Processing Unit [CPU] is the computer’s brain. Keep the processor updated, so it stays best in accuracy and productivity. Sometimes, a lot of dust, poor airflow, or a damaged fan can cause the CPU to get overheated. This can reduce the internal components’ life, which increases the risk of data loss. An overheated CPU slows the computer’s overall performance.

Solution – 

Regularly clean the computer case and check airflow and the cooling system to avert overheating.

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