Facebook Rolls Out Smart Assistant M for Messenger


Facebook have already started rolling out the M assistant for Messenger

Facebook have been developing an assistant for Messenger which uses artificial intelligence to make suggestions and help users have a better experience. The assistant is marked by a small M logo near the texting box in Messenger. It has been under testing until now, but Facebook seem to have already started offering it to most users.

Using AI to assist you based on your conversations

The M assistant is based on an AI technology. Basically, what it does is to appear in your conversations when it detects something that it might help you with. However, the development of M is still under progress, so the experience might significantly improve over the next months. Also, at the moment it will roll out only in the U.S., but it will become available all over the world.

Some might think this is too much, and might find M bothering rather than helpful. Facebook thought of this, too, so you can access the Settings tab of the Messenger app and mute the assistant, by disabling the Suggestions option.

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Here are a few things that the M assistant can help you with. First of all, it makes stickers easier to use. You no longer have to search through them, as it can recommend you stickers which fit in the conversation, depending on what you said.

Setting up reminders and allowing payments via Messenger

Also, if you want to invite someone over or you need to meet up with a friend and he or she doesn’t know where you are, M can recommend you to share your location. However, this could be easily done without a smart assistant.

If someone asks you to remind them of something, M can allow you to set a reminder, and sending money has now become easier. If you and your friends are planning to gather money for an event, you can all do it automatically by using M. Make sure you introduce all the payment information needed before using this feature.

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M is also useful with event planning, by allowing you to set a date and time and recommending places, or when you need a ride, as it can automatically call you an Uber. The most useful option, probably, is creating polls inside group chats.

Some might think that Facebook is invading your conversations too much, but it might prove useful to have something which helps you perform actions more quickly and offers you recommendations.
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