US now asking travellers for social media details


DHS is now requesting your online presence details

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have now started asking all travellers under the ESTA waiver program to optionally provide their social media presence.

As you can see above you will have the option to add multiple lines, oddly Snapchat users will have to pick ‘Other’ and further more there isn’t even an option for WhatsApp either which is apparently a den of Islamic State conversation because of its encryption.

It’s not mandatory that you complete this section but many people will because there is a good change that security is going to challenge anyone who says they have no online presence, also will children be questioned if parents don’t provide their social media accounts when completing the form.

I don’t personally have a problem providing this information but being in the media, will I have to justify comments I make on social moving forward just because I might speak badly of a US or other nation’s practices or policies, I certainly hope not.

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