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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the new trend creating a lot of buzz ever since it came into being. One of the biggest endeavors is to invest in Facebook advertising so as to click with deluge of customers for enhanced profit.

Here, we provide you top 10 reasons why small investors should opt for Facebook advertising.

The 10 reasons for investing in Facebook advertising

  1. Research shows that Facebook is one of the most popular mediums that have a record of 1.2 billion registered users. Indeed, the company is also concentrating on layers of storefronts, payment services and money transfer; the platform is indeed adding great commercial advantage to businessmen like you.
  1. Facebook was surprisingly and hugely profitable in 2014 since the social medium generated $900 million in its free cash flow, which represented 36{49f263cb6e578af9e50f209d05250f07326204f161d107dfbb409073c2ea4d01} of FCN margin. Also, its recent endeavors such as buying Instagram at $1 billion and paying $19 billion for Whatsapp, the messaging app. This has helped many investors to propagate their products through many channels by means of Facebook.
  1. Facebook has become a success on mobile phones and other electronic devices thus making it accessible for people in large volume. Thus, the more exposure it has on various devices, the number of investors will appear on the platform. Facebook is also releasing Facebook Audience Network and also the other Website Custom Audiences targeting tools for advertisers.
  1. With Facebook you can target location wise areas, hence if you have a particular locality or city in mind that is within 50 miles of your business you can go for it with the Facebook format.
  1. You will find a category names’ Broad categories’ with which you are able to target people who share the same interests. In this way you can bring like-minded people with your business ads.

  1. Check out the precise interests of customers. Before placing any advertisement on Facebook, you can check out the interests. For instance, if you are running a business on organic pet food then you are most likely to target only those people who have clicked on ‘like’ of animal-related pages, whole foods, etc.
  1. Facebook allows you to place add as per gender. This means that when you are promoting a women’s clothing brand or make-up brand then you will only go by this category instead of targeting unwanted groups including 60 year old men.
  1. Suppose you have a business making children’s products. Yet again, each product aims certain age group, suppose 2-3 years old or 5-6 years old, etc. In that case while creating the advertisement you have to mention the age in the set up.
  2. With the connection option, you can choose to show your advertisement to all people. Even if those people who are not connected to your page can see your ads through the ‘Advanced Connection’ option.
  3. ‘Friends of Connections’ is a great feature when it comes to recommendation. Suppose a person connected to your page has bought your products, but friends of that person who are not connected to your page will be recommended for the advertisement.

Thus, with an array of set ups and features Facebook serves as a great way for investors in putting their advertisements for creating profit.

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