5 Benefits of Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking Software for Enhancing Productivity

The need to cut costs due to dwindling margins in the transport and logistics industry has necessitated the use of fleet management vehicle tracking software. The demand for better customer service to match or beat the competition and to streamline operations has also made the adoption of fleet management tools necessary. These tools have improved productivity, too.

Here are some ways that fleet management vehicle tracking software helps to enhance productivity:

They help to manage fuel consumption expenses

The U.S. Department of Energy has been quoted saying that exceeding the speed limit by just five miles per hour can make the fuel spending increase by around 10{843bde6f3fa44dacb047e27925385419b6ab6f72b4ea548a6ad2c9b520e01138}. The fleet vehicle management tracking software come with the fuel management module, which can prevent the rise in fuel expense by nearly 10{843bde6f3fa44dacb047e27925385419b6ab6f72b4ea548a6ad2c9b520e01138}.

The fuel management module brings together various key metrics on fuel consumption patterns, allowing for flagging off of unauthorized fuel card usage and reducing fuel consumption. The fleet operators or managers can look at the vehicle fuel usage data against the fuel card transactional details. They may also receive alerts about the use of unauthorized fuel cards or the purchase of fuel above the set limit.

Besides monitoring direct fuel usage, the software also helps to get real-time information on vehicles’ acceleration, braking, speed, and other things that affect fuel usage. All of these things help to cut fuel expenses, enhancing the business’s bottom-line.

Reduce paperwork

Fleet management software like GPS systems helps to do away with the paperwork among the drivers, dispatchers, and managers. This is because the systems can track, record, and store data and avail it when needed in user-friendly formats. The removal of paperwork frees up time for other duties and reduces the space required for storage, thus saving costs. To achieve such cost reduction and enjoy other benefits, fleet operators and managers need fleet vehicle management software. They can engage Eyeride, a trusted and experienced vendor in the field, for customized world-class solutions.

Monitor driver behavior and enhance safety

While fleet operators previously focused on vehicles, they are now emphasizing drivers. The performance and behavior of drivers on the road could yield great benefits for the business. Their good behavior does not only reduce accidents, risks, and vehicle downtime significantly but also saves on fuel usage and possible litigations. Some insurance companies also offer incentives for responsible drivers.

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs and extend fleet life

The fleet maintenance modules that come with the fleet management software help to diagnose vehicles, track oil changes, remind of routine maintenance and inspections, and other things. The timely repairs and maintenance prevent vehicle breakdowns due to missed servicing and maintenance, which can be costly and even cause disruption of normal operations. On-time repairs and maintenance also give your fleet vehicles a longer useful life.

Optimize vehicle utilization

Does your business want to optimize its fleet vehicles? GPS fleet management systems, as well as other tools, will help you to achieve this. Using these tools, you can track vehicle and driver whereabouts to assign them duties in the best way and minimize idle time. Routing and checking on speeding and other violations are also possible, all of which ensure optimal vehicle usage. Fuel costs are also reduced by following defined routes.

Other than the ways discussed above, fleet management software helps to improve productivity by allowing integration with various programs like third party programs and enterprise business solutions. This eases the sharing of data, resulting in better management. Compliance with various legal requirements is also enhanced, avoiding fines and penalties or disrupted operations.

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