Benefits Of Logging Off And Getting Outside

Benefits Of Logging Off And Getting Outside

The globe is more interconnected than it has ever been, for better or worse. The Internet and advancements in telecommunications technology allow us to communicate in real time with almost everyone on the planet, yet this has both advantages and disadvantages. According to research, Americans can spend up to 10 hours a day gazing at displays, watching television, and using the internet. Our current reliance on technology has many benefits, but there is also a chance that we will miss out on some chances.

When we let technology dictate our lives, whether it is watching DVRs from a park bench or checking social media while swimming, we miss out on something. Because we watch television far too often, we frequently spend lengthy periods of time indoors sitting or lying down. It is impossible to emphasize the numerous health advantages of sunlight, clean air, and regular exercise. Remembering to regularly disengage from electronics and spend time in the real world is essential. 

There are several benefits to turning off your computer, especially if you spend that time outside. Research has revealed that frequent usage of social media worsens stress, depressive symptoms, and health issues related to extended sitting and media use. When you spend all of your time indoors staring at devices, you are exposed to a lot of recycled air and artificial lighting, neither of which is good for your health.

Limiting your use of technology could greatly improve your quality of life. Consider replacing your touch-screen phone with a more basic device that doesn’t have email or an Internet connection. Consider putting a time limit on your screen use, just as you would with calorie intake when dieting. You might be able to unplug and feel better by reading a book during your commute rather than staring at your phone.

Utilizing the infographic provided with this post can help you discover some stress-reduction techniques. You might see some instant gains in your happiness and well-being if you complete the disconnecting checklist.

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