Best Companies That Manufacture Spatial Light Modulators

Spatial light modulator (SLM) is a turn of phrase that is used for describing gadgets that are utilized for modulating amplitude, phase or is even used for the polarization of the light waves in time as well as in space.

SLM is commonly known to be an electrically-addressable device. This particular device helps to regulate or modulate the output of light as per the specific fixed spatial pattern. Its chief purpose is to project out light which is used for amplitude only or phase only or probably both phase-amplitude light. Through this device, liquid crystals are utilized to further get the light modulated, as per the requirement. This is the reason why you would notice that overhead projectors are also commonly referred to as LCD projectors. If you want to know more about spatial light modulator price, then please click on the link.

There are different kinds of SMLs. We have mentioned about two of them below:


Now for more understanding, know that there are different kinds of SLMs. SLM (EASLM) is the one that is quite commonly used and gets addressed electrically. In this particular type, the image is changed and also formed electronically. You must have seen it happening in so many electronic displays, and so it works quite in a similar fashion. In the most typical form, it receives the input through DVI or VGA, which are known to be conventional digital interfaces.


SLM (OASLM) is the other kind and this one is addressed optically. Here the input of light takes place separately. It further gets encoded along with an image, which can get projected on the surface via the use of liquid crystals. By this, we understand that OASLM has a secondary display that fundamentally takes its input through an EASLM.

There is the process known as image tiling where the images that are generated with EASLM then get transferred sequentially to different areas of the OASLM right before the entire image gets displayed to the viewers. Through this process, you get to view images that are high in resolution, which could go above 100 megapixels.

The uses of Spatial Light Modulator in possible Applications:

  • Forming images and projection
  • Optical Tweezers
  • Useful for displaying applications
  • Laser Pulse Modulation
  • Holographic Projection
  • Forming shapes through laser beams
  • Splitting of beams
  • Wavelengths Selective Switching process
  • Phase-shifting
  • Holography (Display of holography, memory, recording, and as well as used in security systems. It’s also used for digital holography).

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