Essential Steps to Take To Make Sure Nobody Can Hack Your Wireless Router

Do you notice sudden increase in your internet usage and decrease in your browsing speed? If yes, then this means someone has hacked your wireless router and taking advantage of your internet connection. This will result in increase in your internet bill and there are fair chances that the hacker can even access your computer and your personal files.

Here are few simple steps to secure your wireless router.

Step 1: Router Setting Page

Check your router’s user manual and follow the steps to open the Router Setting Page. If you have lost your printed manual, you can google search for the instructions, as per your router’s brand.

Step 2: Set unique password

Open Administration Settings option and change your default password. If you didn’t change your default password, hacker can use your wireless network with the help of SSID and default password. As a particular brand of router has, a common default password and one can easily find this password online.

Step 3: Change Network’s SSID Name

Open Basic Wireless Settings option and change Wireless Network Name or SSID of the wireless router. This will make it hard for hackers to guess your original network.

  • Don’t use personal information like name, address in the SSID name.

Step 4: Enable Network Encryption

Open Wireless Security Settings option shown on router’s configuration page. Now, encrypt your wireless signals. These are some common encryption methods.

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • WPA2

WEP is least secure method, but it is compatible with even older hardware.

WPA2 is most secure. However, it has a disadvantage that it is compatible with only that hardware, which is manufactured after 2006.

Step 5: Filter MAC addresses

Every device laptop, PC or mobile phone has a unique MAC address. Make a list of all the devices that you want to connect using wireless network. Find their MAC address and add those to MAC address filtering. This will make sure that only those devices use your wireless network.

Step 6: Decrease the Range of Wireless Signal

Reduce the range of your router signal to ensure no one outside your apartment can access it.

Step 7: Upgrade Router’s Firmware

Make sure that your router has the latest firmware.

Follow these simple seven steps and make your wireless network completely secure.

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