Guide to New Spartan from Microsoft

Spartan, the latest browser from Microsoft which is planned to roll out along with the Windows 10 is going to be the next sensation in the history of browsers, particularly because of the fresh features it encapsulates. Internet Explorer, the years old, tried and tested, popular browser from Microsoft was due of an up gradation; but Microsoft decided to roll out with a completely fresh browser instead, to offer the users a feel of the most advanced browsing experience.

During Microsoft’s press conference in January, details about Spartan were first disclosed; and now an early version of the browser has been packed into the Windows 10 preview build. This article will take you through vital information about this browser that can work as your guide to Spartan.

  • The look:

    The latest browser is noticeably slimmer than IE. It does not include the plethora of menus and the settings are pretty simple. Instead, it includes some totally fresh features and is noticeably fast. The look is clean and the navigation bar at the right disappears when not using the mouse.

  • Take notes right on the webpages:

    This feature of Spartan is surely going to make the browser a preferred one for online readers and researchers. By simply clicking on the pen and paper button user can annotate any website, and with a touchscreen PC the feature can have the maximum potential to the users.

  • Cortana:

    Cortana is known as the Siri of Microsoft and it is embedded into the new Spartan. Cortana will enable the browser to help with the maps and also other features that are yet to be disclosed.

  • Offline reading:

    Offline reading is fully supported in Spartan. Once you find something interesting on the web you can simply save it for later reading by clicking a single button.

  • Reading mode:

    Increasing number of advertisements on every website is surely becoming a problem for serious readers; but with Spartan, they can now easily shift to the Reading mode of any website to read an ad-free version.

Microsoft claims that Spartan runs a fresh engine built from scratch which has enabled the browser to load complex websites and videos practically without delay.  There are still a few bugs in the browser, but we can expect Microsoft to sort them all out before they actually launch the browser commercially. Eventually, the browser will support different extensions as well, however, IE is not going away from Windows 10, rather it will be present there as the primary browser to ensure that all the websites and apps function properly.

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