Guide to the Latest Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is the latest launch from Microsoft. Being regarded as the best personal digital assistance, it is for the first time that Microsoft has developed something called the Cortana. Indeed, it is the answer to Google Now and Apple’s Siri. Cortana will be presented to the world with the Windows Phone 8.1 update that is expected to become a sure hit with all Windows Phones in the next few months.

Cortana- explained

The company is trying to re-build Cortana into a more humanized version of the Google Now. This digital assistant is able to anticipate your demands as well as needs and come up with information that you need to know even before you ask about them. O course, it makes sense that Microsoft is working its way in introducing Cortana to Android and iOS devices. It is the kind of technology that aids to understand and read emails.

So far, you must have observed the many instances where Cortana has shown its magic like foretelling weather, reminding you of important appointments and dictating messages, but you have experienced all that on Windows phones. Now Cortana will come with Windows Phone 8.1 update. Microsoft is working its way upwards through machine learning, speech recognition and search so as to redefine a smarter version of Cortana.

Learning to use Cortana

  • First, Cortana has to learn detailed information about you, only then it will be able to interpret the same. What Cortana does is it compiles all your information in one place called the ‘notebook’. Now, this notebook can be divided into four parts that include ‘quiet hours’, ‘interest’, ‘remind me’ and ‘inner circle’. For instance, keep your mom, dad, and siblings in inner circle so that when any of them calls you can receive the phone. Suppose, you want some peace from the worldly troubles and keep two hours completely free for yourself on Sunday, then Cortana will keep all phone calls, text messages on silence unless any member from the inner circle calls you.
  • The best part of Cortana is that it is able to understand natural language, which means that you do not have to chop down a sentence to phrases like ‘call my house’ or ‘book lunch for two at nearby hotel’. You can tell Cortana ‘remind me to buy gift for my husband after office’ and it will do so. Indeed, Cortana will make every attempt to pile down all the commands in the right contexts.
  • Check this out, Cortana is able to interact with all third-party apps. Now, that is great! Well, you can direct Cortana to open your Facebook page through giving a call via Skype. Being a virtual assistant, Cortana is able to perform its best which is in no comparison to other virtual assistants.
  • Using Cortana frequently will mean you have to place in your command much less and also build text commands less too.

Cortana, the virtual assistant will be only getting better in the future. Microsoft is finding every way possible to make Cortana function in sync with different platforms.

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