How to Create a Wireless Network in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create a Wireless Network in 5 Easy Steps

As the number of individuals who do business from Wi-Fi-enabled devices increases, so does the need for reliable wireless networks. Your wireless infrastructure has to develop to keep up with the rapid changes in wireless technology as they become available to meet the demands of our more mobile culture. For companies to succeed in today’s economy, being on the cutting edge of wireless technology is essential. The freedom afforded by wireless technology is one of its most remarkable features. Engineering wireless services allow users to avoid cluttering their spaces with cables.

Understand it

Find out how wireless may boost efficiency and cut costs for your company. While a wired network may provide the impression of a bustling workplace with the newest gadgets, it is often an inefficient networking medium. The intensity of your signal may be reduced, and it may be more challenging to add devices or rearrange your network’s infrastructure.

Put together a strategy

After determining the feasibility of integrating wireless technologies into your current infrastructure, you should undertake an evaluation that factors in the expected return on investment. When you have a strategy in place for integrating wireless networking into your workplace, you can get down to the business of actually implementing that strategy.

Consider setting up

The procedures for setting up your wireless network, as specified in your requirements and system design, are carried out here. There should be no room for uncertainty or speculation at this stage. If network security at your business is a top priority, then you’ll be sure to set up your Extensible Authentication Protocol and RADIUS servers and timers properly and employ strong encryption.


Wi-Fi is only a piece of the larger network puzzle. Some fundamentals of network setup extend well beyond wireless local area networks, such as switch ports, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server settings, and firewall rules.

Testing for verification

It’s also common to skip this step. Verification testing occurs in the workflow between “OK, it’s all configured” and “Let’s hand this WLAN on to our users.” It is the final checkpoint in the process of setting up your network.

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