iFUN APP: Let AI Turn Your Free Time into Fun Time

If you are like many people, you probably are wasting just too much time looking through Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup, public websites just to find something interesting to do.  Or checking iPhone, Google, Outlook Calendars to match up any free time with friends often just drains all the energy and fun out of you.

New app

All of this can be made easier with an All-in-one-App for Calendar+Event+Chat+payment.  Currently, there is a company that is on Kickstarter to raise money for just this type of app.   They also have become partners with Eventbrite & Ticketmaster and NYU Startup School to get this app build, up and running so that people don’t have to waste time finding something to do.

No try and luck method

Just think you will not need to use the try and luck method anymore to see who is free to go with you to do something fun – a movie, concert, and other events that are available. And this app, iFUN APP, also could pay at this same time with the secure payment feature of iFUN APP; you pay your part and your friends can pay up front for their parts


This company believes that fun should be automatically-built around your free time.  So, introducing iFUN which is an app that lets you to truly connect with friends as well as family in the real world, not only digitally.  And everyone often needs the time away from work or studies to get out and do something fun.  Just imagine if there is this little app that magically auto-fills your life with friends and much more fun.

Multi-Function Al Lifestyle Management System

Like many individuals, you are wasting all too much time looking through every social and public website to find events that are interesting.  You also try to match your free time with your friends’ so there is no more taking all your energy and fun out of you -not with this new app.


This company believes that fun needs to be automatically-build around your free time.  IIT NY, Inc is a tech company located in NYC and is focusing on developing tech to better the human condition.  They created iFUN APP, using AI technology to aid you in having more and better coordination with your friends in auto-filling up free time with FUN time.


This company has become partners with Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and others to bring you a truly state-of-the-art app that brings you as well as your friends, new experiences that you are able to share together.  Get ready to completely reboot your social life with iFUN.

This company needs your help to finish the development of this app, to gain traction and launch iFUN everywhere.  Supported on Kickstarter would help them launch and improve iFUN and allow everyone to fill up their free time.

To learn more about this company & product, please visit and back them on Kickstarter!

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