Important Reasons Why You Must Archive SMS Messages

Important Reasons Why You Must Archive SMS Messages

Text messaging has been the primary communication platform for different purposes, including business reasons. With the accelerated growth of technological progress, text messaging has gone from a casual conversation tool to a popular channel for companies to reach out to their clients and partners.

And while there’s no denying the convenience brought by text messaging in the effectiveness of business communications, it carries several specific risks. Not having proper SMS archiving might result in repercussions that could harm the company. You may have already started archiving emails and messaging apps like WhatsApp – it’s a good idea to start paying attention to the traditional texts exchanged internally and externally among your employees and clients.

This article will list why it is crucial to have the right SMS archiving solution for your business.

Remain Compliant

When contacting customers and business partners, you use a variety of mediums to deliver conversations. You need to properly supervise the information exchanged daily through emails, phone calls, or text messages. Many organizations such as FINRA, GDPR, and SEC have established rules to regulate modern digital communications. To avoid facing legal consequences, you must capture and archive text messages sent by your company.

HR Intervention

The company must be aware of what employees are communicating through the official channels of the business. Supervision and archiving text messages can deter unethical behavior such as harassment of colleagues or clients and detect deceitful practices. Having detailed records can aid a company in investigation once such actions are identified, ensuring authenticity. 

Improved Business Communications

The records of SMS messages you keep are a potential source of insights into streamlining communications. You and your team can examine which conversation works and which one needs improving. With millions owning mobile phones, customers would most likely reach out via messaging and make inquiries there. Don’t waste the opportunity; examine the exchanges kept in your archives and use the findings to train your staff in better communication.

Better Marketing

Keeping in touch with your clients through SMS outreach is one of the best ways to market your company. Vital information on what to do and what you shouldn’t be found in archived text messages, some of which include client responses and opened messages. Aid your marketing team in creating more compelling marketing strategies by turning them into more data-driven staff, utilizing insights found in archives to develop clever ideas.

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