In 2020 You either Go Digital the Right Way or Go Home!

Digital technology has incredibly transformed the way the world connects and shares information. It has become effortless, easier, and convenient in ways it was unexpected two decades back. The marketing technology landscape has swelled up by over 7000 solutions in the past year, and according to a study, the worldwide expenditure on digital advertisements is expected to surpass $375 million by 2021.

“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.” – Brian Solis

In 2020, it is impossible for any business to thrive without marking their online presence through effective digital marketing strategies.

Here are the top 5 strategies that might help your company to make its digital footprints more pronounced than before!

#1 Chatbots are the new customer service platform

Chatbots are virtual concierges that use AI software to communicate with customers, assisting them to resolve issues and queries. Over time, chatbots collect insightful data and information about the client base, which ultimately contributes towards constantly improving services towards customer satisfaction.

In 2020, 85{49f263cb6e578af9e50f209d05250f07326204f161d107dfbb409073c2ea4d01} of customer service is expected to be supported by chatbots because,

  • Instant replies
  • 24-hour service
  • No need for breaks or vacations
  • Never cranky or moody

#2 Omnichannel Marketing is the new digital giant

Omnichannel marketing refers to sending a cohesive and consistent brand message across multiple platforms like – emails, social media platforms, websites, and apps. Research shows that brands that use multichannel marketing draw over 4x more customers than those who use a single channel marketing strategy.

With the boost in AI technology, companies have the benefit of understanding consumer behavior better to offer them more personalized user experience customized across all the platforms.

#3 Contextual Content matters over SEO Content

While content is still the king, Google’s 2019 BERT update demands a more sophisticated understanding of online content that is tailored for the target audience and uses more organic search lingos. Instead of following SEO trends, companies must

  • Incorporate useful links
  • Develop well-written content that fits the context
  • Emphasize more on visual content

#4 Interact with consumers, turn them to customers

In this era of personalized services, it has become imperative to engage users through interactive content. 93{49f263cb6e578af9e50f209d05250f07326204f161d107dfbb409073c2ea4d01} of marketers have confessed that polls and quizzes, click-ons, or swiping, augmented reality ads are more efficient at educating the buyers.

More and more consumers are looking forward to immersive, fun, and creative content that makes them feel more connected with the brands!

#5 Go live with your videos

Study shows that people spend 3x more time watching live videos than prerecord ones.

This is mainly because a live video offers more user engagement and relativity as viewers feel they are a “part of the brand,” leading them to be active users than passive watchers.

Dropping some new information that your company has dug up or educated the audience about a new product through that video is a demonstrated way of increasing traction to your brand’s online profile.

PS – The videos must be kept short as they are 68 more successful over infographics, sales calls, website blogs, or posts.

Go digital or go home

The 2020 tech-savvy consumer base wants new and exciting ways to connect with brands. With the widespread use of AI, Voice search integration, and interactive content for catering to such user experience, your business has to either go digital or go home.

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