Learn More About Google’s Multisearch Feature

Learn More About Googles Multisearch Feature

Many of us used to be web users, unsure how to construct what we wanted to know. We end up frustrated when these words fall short of what we want the results to be. Sometimes the use of images works, but some people wish that these two could work together. Fast forward those days to the current time, Google now allows the use of both text and images in its search engine. 

Google Multisearch: How it Works

Google Lens allows users to search with text and images simultaneously. This function will enable users to narrow their search by providing information about the detail they are looking for.

Users must open the app on Android or iOS phones to perform multiple searches. After opening the app, tapping the Lens camera symbol will take a photo of an item and display similar search results. They can add text to their search query by tapping the “+Add your search” button. The Google app will then show relevant, if not precise, results.

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SEO: How Google Multisearch Influences SEO

According to Google’s webmaster, multisearch is still a new concept. He highlighted the benefits of website photos appearing in search results even without direct SEO benefits. But some specialists argued that multisearch can also impact SEO. According to them, this forces digital marketers to speed up WordPress websites, reevaluate their content, and improve image strategies, especially with the advancement of Google Lens. It might be wise to verify the images appearing on Google Lens multisearch displays to assess competition. 

Check out this infographic created by Digital Marketing Philippines to learn more about Google’s multisearch feature.


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