MLTek – Best Storage Solution for Your Business Needs

As far as storage is concerned, there is always a huge sort of need and demand for it and this is exactly why one should choose to go with a reliable and trustworthy provider of the lot like MLtek storage solution provider. MLtek Software is a highly popular sort of platform that offers for extensive range of technical support facilities for all kinds of needs. It is known to come with one of the best and most trendy form of storage system called ArchiverFS. The software very well brings with it several years of experience and expertise in this arena for the past several years which is exactly why many people are choosing to go for it.

Most trusted and reliable one of the lot

ArchiverFS was first released in the year 2002 with huge expectation and ever since that it has known to have grown and expand to a great degree over the years. It is now being used by some extensive range of organizations across the world as it is known to be dependable, trustworthy and safe to use on many levels. It now comes across as a household name with a huge sort of response levels from all corners. It is definitely a highly sought after brand that has carved out a niche for itself in this space with it’s new, unique and well managed features and options.

Many attractive features and benefits

One of the reason as to why ArchiverFS became a huge sort of hit amongst one and all is its stunning range of features and benefits which it offer for one and all. ArchiverFS is known to come with lot of features for full support with regard to cloud, DFS, replication, compression, de-depulication and other such aspects at one go. It offers for some extra edging with regard to storing system as it enables one to make use of SAN, NAS and many such cloud platform as a form of storage for the old unstructured files which are being used from time to time.

If in case, you share with that of UNC path network and format it with that of NTFS, the system can very well be used as a second form of storage. The most attractive aspect about the storage solution is that it does not make use of a database for the purpose of storing storage files, pointers, meta data and other such details. It is known to be totally pure form of NTFS from the start to the end.

Archiving solution that is safe and trusted

ArchiverFS comes with unique, reliable and top notch range of service offerings for one and all. It provides for various archiving solutions for various kinds of network files storage, SMB shares, Windows file servers and other such thing. As compared to many other archiving products out there, it makes use of normal NTFS files and folders from the start to the end of the process that is known to make it one of the distinctive options amongst many other storage solutions available in the arena over the years.

MLtek Software is understandable and when it comes to service and features in all of its products one can get to know what it offers thoroughly. ArchiverFS is capable of offering to the clients with the best possible range of features and benefits to go with and this is exactly why one should go for it no matter what.

It is something that does not claim to offer some sort of pseudo document management system and is just right in its representation. The best thing about the system is that it provides for light weight yet highly well-organized form of storing solution for one and all. The software provides for the perfect, competent and reliable solution with regard to old and out of date unstructured files in network shares so go for it without any sort of doubts or hesitations in this regard.

Highly cost effective option of the lot

ArchiverFS offers for the best and unique kind of features that are highly cost effective as well as scalable to a great extent. It comes with various kinds of advantages that it is known to come with. It comes across as the most cost effective option to archive old files and also make sure to migrate huge quantities of files over the network to that of second tier storage like that of NAS or SAN and on the same level. It requires only small foot print on that of the host system. It offers for the facility to migrate, store and also create end of life unstructured files from that of the storage system that too in a reliable as well as reasonably priced way. The software and the provider help one to manage challenges like that of GDPR as well as data protection compliance to a considerable extent.

It is also known to come with a unique and latest file archiving software and it makes use of those functionality which is already present in systems like that of Windows Operating System. ArchiverFS does not encourage the installation of any kind of agents on the servers or workstations which makes the whole process of deployment thoroughly manageable and reliable on the whole. In order for one to know best as to what it has got to offer for one and all, check out the site and then go on to make a decision. See this simple guide.

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