Set out your red lines when it comes to sending away your laptop for repair

Laptop computers are ubiquitous in modern life. Laptops contain many intricate parts, all of which must be in optimal condition to allow the machine to function as expected. As consumers, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of potential issues to avoid having unrealistic expectations regarding price and repair times. Laptop issues boil down to two areas, software and hardware. Software and hardware issues differ, but typically software issues are more comfortable to address.


Laptops typically cost more than desktops to smaller components. In most cases, hardware related issues in laptops are power supplies, hard drive, heating issues, LCD and or motherboards.


Technicians typically charge per item repaired, which is about £80.00 – £240.00 plus the cost of the part or software.


Even the most extreme cases of laptop repair should not exceed a week unless there is a backlog on the hardware. Hardware related issues may take anywhere from two to three days to a little over a week; however, the technician is at the mercy of the hardware manufacturer. Software issues should never exceed one to two business days and actual labor only being two to three hours as most software can be download directly from the internet.

Power Supply

Power supply issues are simple to diagnose, as power supply issues are very noticeable. If you notice your battery is not taking or holding a charge as it used to, this is a tell-tale sign of power supply problems. A laptop not charging will either be an issue with your battery, the power cord, or the power jack. Replacing the battery or power cord should be straightforward, affordable, and should not be too expensive. If it relates the issue to the power jack which is part of the motherboard may present a situation that requires a motherboard replacement and can be a bit pricy. Where you only need to replace the cord, the cost of the cable is around £40. If the power jack, that is integrated on the motherboard is damaged, you can expect to pay £76 plus £80 for labor.

Hard Drive

Hard drive problems are relatively easy to detect, as they have distinct symptoms associated with malfunctions. Hard drive malfunction symptoms include a spinning sound or a slower than usual boot time. Hard drives typically are not repaired but replaced. The cost associated will comprise the price of a new hard drive, labor, software licenses, and operating system. It is essential to understand keeping records of your software and operating system license receipts or installation keys is critical to avoid the need for repurchasing. The cost of hard drive repair will cost around £200 – £240, which includes the cost of the new hard drive. Whilst data recovery services which c restore data you thought was lost forever will cost you around this figure depending on how advanced the hardware the technician is using is.


Software issues are easy to fix, as they should only require a reinstallation to solve most problems associated.

Viruses and Malware

Regarding viruses and malware, the price can vary and depends on the technician. In most cases, you should be quoted a flat rate for virus removal; however, in extremely infected cases, your entire hard drive may need to be wiped. Software issues, including viruses and malware, expect the technician to charge by the hour about £50 to £65 and should not exceed two to three hours.

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