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Tips to Make Video Viral and Get More Views

Facebook is a platform where every day billions of videos are being watched all over the world. Everyday many people uploaded their videos on this social media platform, they want more and more people to watch their videos, and they get thousands of views on their one video. Sometimes a few videos are so amazing that people prefer to download the same and they go with Facebook video downloader to do so by which they can watch the video later on as well. Facebook Videos Downloader makes it very easy to download any type of video from Facebook.

There are multiple features on the Facebook app and FB is continuously introducing its new features to its users that make it more effective. Here is basic information regarding a few amazing features for the audience to make their videos more attractive to get more views:

Give preference to square videos:

Videomaker must give preference to the Square videos as this type of video get more reach and views through mobile phones as they must keep in mind the approximately 94{49f263cb6e578af9e50f209d05250f07326204f161d107dfbb409073c2ea4d01} of Facebook users use mobile to run Facebook on daily basis. so it is clear how a square vide will get more viewers.

Make the beginning more powerful:

The beginning is the more important part of any Facebook video and it must just powerful that it can catch the audience’s attention within 2-5 seconds so that they can watch the full video. And for the same, it must be very clear what the video is going to cover and it is quite essential to do the use of strong and powerful words that compel the audience to click on that particular video.

Importance of Caption:

Although in today’s era, there are several interesting features in f Facebook and the auto-play of the video is also one of them but if the caption will be more effective and impressive then it will also play a role in getting more views to any video.

Besides this, another important thing is the sound clarity of any video as if there will no sound clarity then no one will be able to understand the massage.

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