Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card Instantly

Are you interested in buying Bitcoins through a credit card? Due to its amazing benefits including easy and safe transactions bitcoins have now gained enough popularity. Even, many companies have started to allow their customers to use this cryptocurrency for purchases of goods and services. Every transaction done by this cryptocurrency is recorded in a list to avoid any problem. Each bitcoin has a code inside then. The coins are deemed useless without this code. Moreover, exchanges are now allowing credit card as a valid option to buy Bitcoins.

Here are some methods of buying bitcoins through credit cards.

Buying through CEX.IO

This CEX.IO is a cryptocurrency exchange having more than 2 million users. This exchange operates in some of the Asian and South American countries along with Europe and the United States. Along with brokerage service this app allows a complete trading platform. To buy btc with credit card use CEX.IO. It is necessary to open an account and you will get the option of using credit card when you click on Finance and Deposit.


This user-friendly site allows services, like regulated exchange, CFD services, and wallet at a low cost. Price speculation can be easily done through this site along with withdrawing actual coins.


If you want a reliable service for buying cryptocurrency, Coinmama is the site one should use. Since 2013 Coinmama has been specialising in Bitcoin purchases. One will receive the Bitcoins instantly after the purchase is confirmed.


This Austrian startup, founded in 2014, allows one to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with credit cards and wire transfers as well. It provides services to a handful of countries including the European countries at a comparatively low cost.

So, use your card and buy bitcoins using any of the above mentioned platforms. Enjoy a seamless process and ease of transaction of money.

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