What You Need to Know about Upgrading Your Laptop’s Hardware In Case Of Compulsion

There is a vast difference between up-gradation of Laptops and Desktops. Desktops are very convenient to upgrade, but laptops are a bit difficult or to put in other words near to impossible except for some hardware.

If you are buying a new laptop, do not consider upgrading it in DIY fashion. Always consult or approach the authorized service center for up-gradation. Upgrading a laptop is not as easy as upgrading normal desktops. All the components are tightly fitted and screwed with proper placement. The following are the basic points, which should be considered while upgrading the laptops.

  • Design:

The design of the laptop varies from company to company. There are laptops in the market, which cannot be opened by person knowing general know-how of the computers. Laptops like Mac, Lenovo Thin client have specialized fittings and complex components, which can only be opened through their service center.

  • Upgrading:

Even if the laptop is opened, there might be barriers related to up grading the components. In electronics industry, the technology changes very fast. The companies stop the support of model that is old and launches new products with different design and updates. Hence, it becomes difficult to get compatible components from the market.

  • Assembly:

The laptops are not assembled like the desktops. Most of the components are attached to each other or welded, which is difficult to break or separate. Hence, even if the laptops are opened or components are available for up-gradation, it becomes difficult and not commercially viable.

  • Warranty:

All the components in the laptop are marked with special highlighter along with the screws. Hence, if the company sees the laptop is opened, it will void against warranty terms. Therefore, even if there are some possibilities of upgrading through service center, you may not get warranty.

However, there are items, which can be upgraded easily with some difficulties. These components are as below:

  • RAM:

If you are running out of memory and running high-end software, you can upgrade the RAM provided there is empty slot in the laptop and compatible with your laptop model, search internet or approach the nearest authorized service center.

  • Hard-disk:

The failure of hard disk is rare, but this is something, which always crashes even if utmost care is taken. The HDD crashes because of wear and tear or any other reason.

  • Optical drive:

Optical drive is second-most component, which may stop working even though not used much. However, this can be easily upgraded/replaced with SSD drive.

  • CPU & GPU:

Upgrading CPU-GPU is not commercially viable option as there are always compatibility issues with the BIOS.

Thus, utmost care has to be taken while considering upgrading the laptops. The average life of working laptops in proper condition is 2 years. Though upgrades may extend the life of the laptops, there will not be any guarantee. Do a proper research and always approach authorized service center for guidance.

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