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10 Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Snapchat has been a pretty popular platform for online video messaging since 2011. With time its popularity and reach has extended enormously and presently there is hardly any smartphone user who has not experienced it. This article will offer 10 useful Snapchat tips to make this amazing tool even more amazing.

1. Draw with different colors

You can draw on any of our snap you are about to send in different colors simply by holding down your finger and sliding on the screen. Sliding to a different location enables you to draw with different colors.

2. Edit pictures with filters

Now you can use filters on your taken snaps to improve their quality. Go to the settings and then to Manage option and select the Smart Filters and Visual Filters. This will give you many options to filter and edit your images.

3. Set the font size of your caption

Go to Manage from Settings and enable the special text option. Now after you have entered the caption for a picture tap the T button and the large font effect will be activated.

4. Replay the snap

The latest Replay option introduced into the Snapchat allows you to view the same snap twice. However, it is restricted to 1 snap a day.

5. Skip the snap

Want to skip through the long uploads? Just tap a snap with your finger twice and it will be skipped to present the next one.

6. Quick Camera flip

You can easily change between the back and the front camera by double tapping on the screen while looking through the viewfinder before taking a snap. This can come very handy while submitting multiple snaps quickly.

7. Unlink your phone number

You can unlink your mobile number from your username by going to the settings and then opting for the Mobile number tab. You just need to uncheck the box beside the “Link user name to mobile number” to delete your phone number from snapchat.

8. Removing people from the best friends list

The easiest way to remove people from the best friends list is to block them on Snapchat; this will remove their names and contacts from everywhere in the snapchat. Now, even after you unblock them, they will not appear anywhere in your list.

9. Deleting snaps from your story

You can delete snaps even before they are automatically erased by snapchat by going to your “My Friends” view and tapping the settings wheel on each snap.

10. Increasing your snapchat score

The Snapchat score is determined by the activity of users on Snapchat. To quickly increase the score the user needs to send snaps to everyone in their friends list and open every snap received.

The 10 Tips and tricks mentioned above are sure to make your Snapchat experience even more enjoyable.

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