Do You Think Ploom Is Much Safer Compared to Cigarettes?

Do You Think Ploom Is Much Safer Compared to Cigarettes

Ploom TECH is actually a tobacco-infused vaporizer that creates vapour by heating the fluid inside the cartridge and then passing it through any custom-made tobacco capsule. Because there is nothing like the combustion of tobacco, hence no smoke is produced.

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T-vapor is formed by heating the fluid inside the cartridge and then passing it through a tobacco capsule that is custom-designed for it. Tobacco leaves are not heated directly. The vapour barely raises the temperature within the tobacco capsule by a few degrees to around 30°C.

Propylene glycol, glycerin, flavouring chemicals, and water make up the liquid in your cartridge, which is also permitted food and flavouring additives.

Effects on the indoor air quality

Because there is no chance of tobacco leaves combustion and also no creation of ETS while using T-Vapor products, we consider the health concerns due to certain passive exposure the vapour from any T-Vapor products must be examined independently from exposure to ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) from combustible cigarettes.

Because Ploom TECH may not entail the combustion of tobacco, no smoke is produced. We believe that while Ploom TECH has no effect on the air quality indoors, there are no significant health concerns to bystanders related to its usage.

Environmental standards

According to the Ministry of the Environment’s Environmental Standards “The premise that dangerous air pollutants having no threshold quantity can be considered largely safe provided the health hazards projected due to the exposure level are sufficiently low is adequate for establishing a certain risk level and associated environmental target value”.

In case the carcinogenic probability remains less than 10-5, a carcinogen with no threshold dose is deemed acceptable as a certain virtually safer dose.

Furthermore, three health-related elements detected in Ploom TECH vapour (formaldehyde, ammonia, and acetone) are also produced by our human body and found in nature.

Furthermore, the levels were extremely negligible and could not be identified in exhaled air or indoor surroundings, or the amount also did not differ before and after Ploom TECH use.

Conducted studies and other research

Because there is no presence of tobacco smoke or side-stream smoke that generated by any tobacco combustion, we believe any health risks (presence or absence and level) to observers from exposure to any environmental vapour must be considered separately from the health risks (again presence/absence and level) from combustible cigarettes.

We have also undertaken a number of chemical investigations and surveys to assess the impact of Ploom TECH on the indoor quality of air.

How safe Ploom is compared to cigarettes?

According to the existing information, heated tobacco products are capable of lowering the dangers of smoking. According to a 2018 review by Public Health England, “the existing research suggests that these heated tobacco products can be significantly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.”

However, because heated tobacco is at present a relatively new category, additional research on the long-term effects is needed.

This is not to say that using Ploom is risk-free or that it eliminates the health concerns connected with smoking. There is no such thing as a tobacco-free product.

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