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MilesWeb to Register .COM Domains for Rs.99*

Domain registrations have always been an unskippable part of launching new websites.

Well, not always!

Did you know? In the earlier days of the internet, the active websites were so few in number that there was no need for the complicated mechanism to sort or recognize them. The system was kept simple and, a unique IP address was entrenched in the code of the websites to identify them. There was no medium like search engines or advanced browsers to search and discover websites. The users had to enter the IP address of a website accurately to access it. Needless to say, after a few years, when the internet grew as more websites began to emerge, we needed a more convenient system to look for websites. It was then that the pioneer computer scientists introduced the concept of the Domain Name System(DNS).

The DNS catalogs the IP addresses of websites against their unique domain name. It is practically like a phone directory except, the contact numbers are the IP addresses and, all the names on the list are unique domain names of websites. Naturally, the system was widely acknowledged and became an indispensable part of the internet system at present.

The computer scientists that came up with the system introduced another concept of domain extensions. It was to further simplify the system and differentiate between domain names more efficiently. It gave birth to the first Top Level Domains(TLDs): .no, .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil

Now, the main reason you are reading this article is that you want to know something about an offer, right? Don’t be flustered! You can read further as I will describe to you the offer and its details here.

What is the Offer by MilesWeb to Get a .com Domain at ₹99?

The famous Indian domain registrar MilesWeb has introduced the #99notoutoffer. The offer will allow users to register a .com domain for the asking price of just ₹99*. This .com domain offer will begin on the 20th of May, 2021, and last till the 30th of June.

The offer is valid on their two and three-year domain registration. Of course, the deal is exclusive for users who wish to register a .com domain.

The price for the .com domain will ₹99* for the first year of registration. The two and three-year registration will levy regular registration or renewal charges for the following years.

MilesWeb is also one of the best web hosting provider in the industry.

It is what you call a one-time offer. Since the .com domains are most expensive, a lot of users are expected to turn up to avail of this offer. It is not every day that you can get a discounted deal or offer on the registration of domains. And not just any domain, but a domain with the most premium .com extension. The domain registration offers are rare, yes, but not everyone gives discounts on the .com domains. They are ridiculously expensive and have a high market value.

Why is Registering a .com Domain more Beneficial?

The .com domains are the most trending and used domain names for the websites. Short for “.commerce,” the .com domains have almost synonymous with domain names. Businesses and individuals alike put a huge value on a .com domain and are willing to spend any amount of money on them.


  • A .com domain gives more authenticity to your website compared to other domain extensions. They find it more comfortable to browse a website whose name ends in .com. “Only legitimate websites end with a .com” is what has become the perception of the people.
  • You can reach a worldwide audience as the .com domain is an international TLD. This way, you can promote your business on a larger and global scale.
  • The highest-priced domains always end with a .com domain extension. Nevertheless, you can register a generic .com domain name and sell it for a much higher price to some business entity. A good domain name can make you millions if you are lucky to register it. Most people register such domain names and make some huge and clean profits on the side by reselling their registration.
  • The SEO score of your website is directly related to your domain name. It is a researched and proven fact that a website with a .com domain extension receives a lot more traffic volume when compared to the other domain extensions. The point is, a .com domain will considerably improve the SEO performance of your website. All leading data scientists and experts recommend that you prefer and buy a .com domain extension for your websites.


The offers on .com domains are rare and very limited because of their premium status. The #99notoutoffer by MilesWeb that allows you to register a .com domain for ₹99* is also a limited offer. I suggest you make the most of it and register a .com domain name before all the good ones are taken.

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