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WordPress will help your Build a website for whatever you want to do

wordpress hosting

What is WordPress? It is an open-source and free management system for content that is based on MySQL and PHP. The features that are included are:

  • Template system;
  • Plugin architecture.

It is mostly related to blogging but can back other types of web content be including more traditional forums with mailing lists, media galleries as well as online stores. It is utilized by more than over 60 million websites, with about a third of those in the top 10 million websites as of April 2019. WordPress is the most widespread website management system currently in use. WordPress has also been used for other domains application such as universal display systems.

Register a new domain

Register for a domain name for your website to make it easier to share and easier to remember.

Bring your own domain

Many might already have a domain name – simply point it to your WordPress.com website in a few simple steps.

Connect email

Using your custom domain as your email address activating email forwarding, G Suite and other email services.  Whatever you want to create, write, share or sell, WordPress will help you do it. A WordPress.com free site includes:

  • com subdomain;
  • Support from the community;
  • Lots of free themes;
  • Basic design customization and much more.


Blogging tool

Everyone has a different point of view. Make your online mark with the world’s greatest tool for blogging as well as a community of millions strong that are just waiting to hear what you have to say.

Being a political year with a Presidential election next year – now is the time to build your website and support your candidate.

Build a fan base

Endorse products; use advanced stats and SEO tools, as well as links with built-in audiences on all social media sites to grow your business or your blog

Open your own store

Process the payments you get, organize taxes as well as shipping, build a plan for marketing—you make the doodads, and we will make the website.

Portfolio to design

With over thousands of themes, it means there is a layout that is just perfect for you, for storage and design options and will ensure you can upload what you need and give all your work the stage it deserves.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is for just about anything you want to host. You can show off your writing skills, your camera skills or anything else that you are really good at. If you want to run for the Presidency of your kid’s school PTA – here is how you start.

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