Make the Most Of From the Social Media with Whiteboard Animation

Social media is prevalent everywhere since it’s the age of digital technology, and as you can see, the consumers are fond of it. Considering the case of social media, video consumption is taking an exponential increase. This means if you are planning to add the whiteboard animation videos in your social media marketing, then what are you waiting for! We have got the best tips to get your social media right.

Consider if you have no audio since sometimes you won’t

The majority of the social media feeds are auto-played without sound that may be suitable for the audience; however, infuriating for the marketers. So if you observe it strictly, you will have lesser opportunities to grab the attention of the viewers and lower time to do it. Not similar to the landing pages social media and the YouTube whiteboard animation even doesn’t require to switch the tabs all are just scrolling down.

Hence you should not depend on the flashy background music and excellent narration to engage audiences, instead use all the opportunities in your power to make your visuals engaging enough. On average, you have not more than 10 seconds to catch the viewers on social media, and the opportunity may be of 3 to 6 seconds to make sure that every moment is well organized. The best part is the whiteboard videos can standout on social media you need to focus more on the opener.

Keep a focus on entertainment and emotional connection

The YouTube whiteboard animations and on other platforms of social media the videos are continually struggling for attention. With lesser exceptions, the customers might not see them with isolations but with many other distractions. Well, that’s the reality, and you have to face that some other video content or any other entertaining aspect can catch the attention of your viewers so your whiteboard video should be one of them.

The emotional script has an equal share and engagement of the content, and that’s the reason you must create a video that leaves people emotionally touched. You can do it by;

  • Amuse people with humor
  • Leave them amazed with a point of consideration that they have never thought of
  • Or make them keen to learn more of the subject

Some might even say that provoking the anger or conflict of many individuals is also a key to enhancing engagement and attracting the traffics and shares. Well, I suggest staying ethical as well as positive.

Remodel your animations for social media

As much as you love making use of whiteboard video for social media, it’s also a fact that it’s heavy on your pocket.  Often the ROI makes it worthy social videos might not have the same potential of earning. Irrespective of how great and profitable business you must create the whiteboard animations to market through social media. To keep your budgets controlled, you can remodel the animation in one of the two ways;

Create a social media compatible version of the whiteboard video by minimizing them to 90 seconds, consider it as a trailer or highlight. Take essential points from your main video and transform it into whiteboard video. It might involve scripting and animating to create a video that can be broken down without harming the message.

Keep it as brief as possible

When people say what should be the length of the whiteboard animation, most will mean as long as you deliver your message ultimately. But if you consider it wisely most of the audiences are turned down as soon as they see the video is a minute long, and when it comes to social media it’s a bitter reality. If you are planning to share a whiteboard video on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, install or, anywhere it should be as short as you can make it without harming much of your message. If you follow the simple rule of thumb.

15 seconds are the best 30 seconds are still good, 90 seconds involves luck and 1 minute is just ok

Well, it doesn’t mean that longer videos have no place on social media, under any case. Sometimes, it’s appropriate, mainly when there is no means to shorten your message in a 30-second video. However, if you are still posting longer videos on social media and your results are going down, don’t be surprised then.

Walking an extra mile what else you can do?

Making use of the whiteboard animated video for social media one of the many options you can work with. It’s quite a flexible tool that can assist you in tackling every business challenge from hiring the employee to training and selling and much more. The challenge is there a huge list of tactics and strategies that one might be using how you will decide where to invest your efficacies is your choice?

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