Can Technology Win The War Against Poverty? 

Can Technology Win The War Against Poverty

‘Technology will destroy all jobs!’ or ‘Technology will solve global hunger’ – often, we come across different variations of these headlines. Whether we like it or not, there has been a technology explosion in our lives. But that doesn’t mean it has not been taunted, mainly when people say technology can be used as a solution to, if not end but alleviate poverty. 

Some Facts About Technology

So, if you believe that technology will be responsible for more job losses, here is a quick fact: In the 1980s, it was predicted, with the introduction of spreadsheet software, that many will lose jobs in the accounting sector. In the US, 400,000 accounting jobs were lost, but it failed to mention that the same software was used to create 600,000 customer service jobs. In another instance, smartphones can give us the much-needed connectivity that saw its maximum utility during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. But when we are getting addicted to phones, it makes us less empathetic. 

Technology itself cannot be good or bad. It is a tool, and how we use it determines its impact. Hence when we say technology can help alleviate poverty, it is not based on naïve optimism but on some facts like the reports put forth by the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development, headed by Belinda Gates and Sri Mulyani Indrawati. The reports stated that technological innovations had created more opportunities for poor people while helping them prosper. Technology also can help underdeveloped regions of developing nations to grow their economies. 

How Technology Can Help?

Gone are the days when the ways to alleviate poverty and improve the economy of an underdeveloped region were by using natural resources or manufacturing. With the help of technology, new pathways can be used, like forging the proper support globally. Similarly, subsistence farmers can build small and medium-sized agribusiness with digital help that can improve both nutrition and GDP. Furthermore, economic growth is evident when businesses, entrepreneurs, and governments can use technology to link with people, thereby increasing access to opportunities. 

Technology Enthusiast & Mr Tej Kohli

People like technology enthusiast Tej Kohli bring in the innovative side of technology that can be used to alleviate poverty. Philanthropist Tej Kohli has worked closely with innovative technology to alleviate poverty and make a sustainable future. Being a visionary, he established his NGO Tej Kholi and Ruit Foundation, which works to reduce poverty by curing cataract blindness. But that’s not all. Mr Kohli has been funding biotechnology with Kohli Ventures and Tej Kohli Future Bionics program that will substantially impact human life. 

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Tej Kohli understands the importance of connecting people with the help of technology and how it can improve lives. For instance, Tej Kohli Future Bionics focuses on providing technologically backed services like prosthetic arms to children living with disabilities. His Cornea Program is working on reducing the cost of eye surgery and corneal blindness. 

Technology Needs Understanding

So, whether it is Belinda Gates or Mr Tej Kohli, understanding technology and how it can be used is a must to alleviate poverty. Just making smartphones accessible to everyone is not the solution. The work needs to be done with improved knowledge of technology and its far-reaching capacity to better the underserved regions and poor.

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