Highlights of WhatsApp API & Its Features

Highlights of WhatsApp API & Its FeaturesImage Source:

Introduction –

Customers are very important for every kind of business. Be it some beauty products, or clothing store or some phone company and so on. People have already started using WhatsApp business to get connected with them, but many are there who couldn’t get much results from the same. So, one of the best ways to get connected with the customers all around the globe and expand your business globally, is to switch to the new WhatsApp API for business. This is one of the best platforms, though a paid one, but its services are very unique. It has many different features that makes it stands out from other tools or platform for connecting with the consumers.

Features of WhatsApp API –

The WhatsApp API for business has some unique features, which the other WhatsApp for business doesn’t have. Besides all of that, the API one is a paid service one. You will have to pay in order to use it and get its enhanced services. One of the most important features of what’s app API is the automated messaging services. Through, this feature, you can send the customers automated messages like that of final order, confirmation, shipping notifications, reminders and so on. It is one of the most useful features of the WhatsApp API for business.

Other Highlights and Skins –

Then, there is another feature in it, which the chatbots feature. Through this feature, you can manage the common customer issues and queries and support issues and others. Then, there is also another highlight of message’s templates in which you can send alerts and notifications to the customers. Also, there is a feature called media sharing, in which you can send photos, videos and images of your business products and that’s how you can convince the consumer into buying your products. There are many other good skins of the WhatsApp API for business.

Is WhatsApp API Right for You –

There are many factors to consider before choosing the WhatsApp API for your business. The first and the foremost important point that you ought to note is that whether, or how much is your business size. If you have more customers or large number of customers and your business is also an expanded one, then you should switch to WhatsApp API for business. But if, you have a small business and customer base is less like that of 8-10 and so on, then you can switch to WhatsApp Business for the same. Next, reason why or on the basis of which you should switch to WhatsApp API is the communication volume. If you have to contact with your customers on a frequent basis, or in large volume, then you should switch to WhatsApp API for business.

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