7 Tips for the Best Video Post Production Results

We have known for a few years now that video is one of the most effective mediums when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

More people are watching video content and, with the rise of social platforms like Tik Tok, the art of capturing a whole message in a visual moment is becoming more and more appreciated.

Consumers are finding video content is more memorable and brands are seeing more engagement from this popular form of marketing communication.

Whether you are advertising, promoting, or simply telling your brand’s story, a video marketing strategy is a great way of increasing conversion and exposure.

And if you’re making your own content, here are 7 tips for the best video post production results to create engaging professional video.

1. Make sure your pre-production and production processes are sound

Mapping out what you are going to produce with a storyboard, scouting your locations, prepping your talent (host, presenter, interview subjects) and knowing what B-Roll footage you might need are a great way to ensure you are organised for a productive and effective production. During production, working with great lighting, using the rule of thirds and making sure your sound is set up well will all aid in making your film production look and feel professional.

2. During production, shoot multiple takes

When you get to post production, you have far more to work with if you’ve shot multiple takes. Presuming you have set up well in pre-production, you should have mapped out all you need, but it doesn’t hurt to have more footage to work with in post production.

3. Get the best editing software

If you’re not sure what editing software you should be using, speak with some experts in the field and see what they use. The better your editing software, the more pain free your editing experience will be in post production.

4. Clean up your clips

Before you upload everything into your editing software, tidy up your rough cuts. By trimming the clips before importing them into your editing program, you will save time and effort editing each rough cut on the go and your editing process will run a lot more smoothly.

5. Go easy on the effects

For marketing videos, less is more, so don’t go too over the top with transitions and effects. Simple cross fades will do the job nicely, because you don’t want to detract from your content and messaging. We’ve all seen content where the zooming makes us dizzy and the transitions are a little cheesy. Keep it simple, straightforward and engaging.

6. Get more good software

Adelaide post production teams use a variety of different software for their editing, so you’ll find there’s no hard and fast rule for which brand to get, but using a program that makes your job easier is always a good plan. However, this is where that excess footage you took in production might come in handy, because you can’t fix everything in post production, like lighting and contrast so you might need to call on some of your other footage.

7. Music is key

It is crucial to choose music that enhances your message, rather than drowns it out. This is also not necessarily the time to play with juxtapositioning. Choose music that is appropriate, complements the messaging and is reasonably unobtrusive. Most importantly, check the rights and make sure you aren’t infringing on copyright, and that you are paying the artists who created the music.

With these tips in mind, you should be on your way to creating some great content for your brand, but of course, the best way to create excellent content is to hire an end to end content creation company, particularly for post production services.

In Adelaide, video post production experts Beyond Content can help you to bring your brand to life through television or cinema commercials, brand films, social and online content, animation, digital content and still photography.

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