App Icon Generator for Android and iOS

Inturnex has developed a tool for app developers so they can provide many sizes for the same app icon when they are developing any app with sizes for many usages such as various screen sizes, etc.

Time saver

This tool made by Inturnex is an Android and iOS app icon generator and helps developers to save a tremendous amount of time by resizing the app icon to all required app stores sizes as well as organizing them in the same structure that they needed. Supports Play Store and App Store – such as:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iMessage
  • Apple watches

It also generates android app icons ready for immediate usage in your app.


You can keep designing as well as editing your screenshots using the “GetAppScreenShots” editor which allows you to manage your screenshots for the long as you keep innovating. “GetAppScreenshots” is much more than only a routine App Screenshots Generator. It is both an app screenshots maker and an app screenshots manager.

More on Inturnex Ltd

This Android developer has been active since 2017 and has one app in Google Play. With over 100 thousand installs, this one app is among the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem.


You can gather statistics about Inturnex Ltd by research on the internet. These stats are useful if you want to the answer to questions about the number of users Inturnex Ltd has, as well as what their income and revenue might be. It also shows how popular an Android developer they are. This company is located in Israel and you can contact them if you have any suggestions or questions on the type of stats you might like to see or how they can improve their statistics.


They also have an excellent blog which many developers say is the “go-to” place to promote and earn money.

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