Technology is a collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes which are used to produce a product. Advances in technology lead to advancement in life. There are many new inventions and innovations that took place with the initiation of the 21st Century. But with respect to the advantages, there are also disadvantages to this technology.

The blockchain is one such technology that is very useful for people all over the world. Blockchain technology is nothing but maintaining a set of records called blocks. These records are maintained in a database, as these blocks are linked using cryptography.

  • Use of Blockchain in the field of Art – The Science in Art

This blockchain not only is confined to business purposes but this can also be used for the purpose of art. The evolution of blockchain digital art has been a popular option and is being now integrated in various field of studies as well. Generally, arts are the results of the human imagination. But now the art is also made to be digital as the purchase and sale of artwork has reached the online market.

We can transfer the amount with the help of cryptocurrency and make the transaction. This reduces the effort of going to a bank and waiting for approval. The other thing is that we will not be charged any extra amount. So there is no need to pay any percentage of money to payment officials.

  • How blockchain in Art is helping the Artists?

The blockchain technology for art is a great boon, and it helps the artists to deal with their customers directly without any middleman. As blockchain enters the art market even for older art, the technology-art convert’s analog art into digital. This increases the value of art purchasers. It is helpful mostly for the artists present in digital media, and it makes it easier for future artistic people to choose their way around technology. You can buy art from anyone, and can simultaneously sell art as well. When it comes to selling art, you can resell the art that you bought within a few days from the time of purchase.

The applications of art just do not stop with digital art. Physical art also gets benefitted by this blockchain art market. The art verification and decentralized market places help them a lot. Blockchain also improves the safety of such transactions, as it cannot be hacked by any ordinary man. Even if anyone tries to hack the system, they have to hack the information of each and every system which is next to impossible. Thus, it would be difficult to forge, fake or change the provenance of art that is once listed on the blockchain.

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