Two Marketing Roles Explained For Hong Kong Local Businesses

When doing internet marketing or commonly known as digital marketing for the Hong Kong (HK) market, there are many required roles in the marketers or marketing specialists.

One: SEO Specialists

An SEO specialist basically has the end goal to take the web pages of a website to reach higher positions or page one on the search results pages of Google (and Yahoo) in Hong Kong, whether the site is eCommerce store or a company website. The main responsibilities of the SEO marketer may include analyzing, reviewing and implementing websites in terms of higher or improved search engine organic rankings. The SEO specialist will take the content that is created by the content writers, align the content with the keywords of the business and/or products, and have them all implemented to the website.

For many years, Google continues to make organic search results better in terms of user experience. The SEO specialist/manager’s job is to make sure the website’s content fulfilling the guidelines in terms of authority, trust and relevance and the Hong Kong target audience. To do that, various testing methods in design, layout, and rendering of the web pages must be conducted. With the end goal being enabled to get more target visitors from the HK market for the company website, the SEO specialist has to keep up with continuous learning and evolution for the ever-changing SEO landscape.

A very experienced individual person who has worked on search engine optimization for many different business websites and/or eCommerce sites is often regarded as an SEO expert in the industry. The expert possesses the in-depth knowledge to integrate all the processes including keyword research, SEO copywriting, trending/behavior, technical skills into a viable SEO project that can bring true values to the company (in terms of revenue growth).

Two: Content Strategists and/or Marketers

The content strategist has the core function to develop a content strategy based on a company’s exact end goals for marketing the product to the Hong Kong target audience. The content strategist/marketer takes the actual operations – The content marketing role has to oversee content requirements and create content strategy deliverables across a project life cycle. A content inventory should be created to outline all the content that is available.

In the operations, a content inventory is created when the local Hong Kong business launches a new website, or during the initial stages of a website rebuild. The content on a website should be fresh and kept up-to-date, according to Google’s algorithms and preferences. The action to be performed is determined by the status of the site’s content whether it is “keep as is,” “keep and refresh,” and “remove.”

The content specialist may take in more responsibilities that include conducting content audits and gap analyses against competitors focusing on the Hong Kong market. A content audit is regarded as a qualitative analysis of all the content on a network of sites and across all social media accounts.

The content strategist should involve herself in the center of the content production project – She is in charge of creating and maintaining editorial calendars, taxonomies, content styles, and content migration plans (should there be any). When working in a project of a larger scale, it may involve managing in-house staff and freelancers, maintaining copywriting budgets, and assisting in the integration of content on to the company website.

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